The only platform for true instagram influencer authentication
Allowing influencers to better commercialise their influence
Audience Authenticity
It has never been more important for influencers to prove their authenticity, as influencer fraud continues to rise with influencers purchasing followers, engagement and views, and using "pods" to inflate their value.
Earn $$ not just product
Brands tend to only invest product rather than cash into influencer marketing due to the lack of transparency in knowing exactly what they're investing in. Being Q-83 authenticated allows you, as an influencer, the tools to prove your value to a campaign based on authentic audience demographics and authenticity rather than the size of your audience.
Reduce liability
As an agency, ensuring your influencers are authentic is the most important stage of the campaign. Conducting the appropriate level of due diligence in selecting the influencer based on authenticity and brand relevance regardless of follow size is the only way to remove liability.
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