We are a marketplace for influencers to connect with brands to collaborate and share authenticity and relevance
Manage Yourself - NO COMMISSIONS
Does your talent agency earn their 15-20% commission? Q-83 provides you with the tools to better commercialise your influence. Search, view and apply for campaigns either as an individual influencer or invite friends and create a group - commission-free.
Reduce Liability
As an agency, ensuring your influencers are authentic is the most important stage of the campaign. Conducting the appropriate level of due diligence in selecting the influencer based on authenticity and brand relevance regardless of follow size is the only way to remove liability.
Make Informed Influencer Decisions
Only work with the influencers engaged in your market! Don't get caught up in on-boarding and pitching a new influencer just because they have a massive following. The days of huge followings equalling huge return are gone - get their metrics and understand their audience first.
Anthony Richardson
AUSFIT Torsion Bars
"Previously, I have found it very difficult to predict what return I should expect to see on my investment in influencer marketing. With Q-83 I can see where my money is going and who exactly I am targeting. Being able to understand what makes 
Brittany Bennett
Bennett PR
"Using Q-83 has sped up our internal processes exponentially within the influencer space. We can now easily access influencer metrics and find exactly who fits the brief for our clients. Their story insights are second to none and we can 
Dean Gladstone (@deanogladstone)
Bondi Rescue
"Q-83 is great because it allows me to stand out amongst the crowded industry of influencer marketing. Brands can see that my engagement is not only authentic but also relevant to their market." 
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